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Lyrek, Inc’s unique design revolutionizes contact management, event front-of-house, planning and production, and venue and seating tasks through a versatile, intuitive, stress-free and affordable application, Lyrek™ (Now with Musikal Chairs™).


Lyrek is designed as a Web Application so that users can access their database and perform advanced functions from anywhere in the world. For events planning, this ability is a tremendous advantage over a site-licensed, offline system because it enables users to log in from hotels, satellite offices, convention centers, or the event locations themselves. Invitations/RSVP Emails, Mailings, Seating Assignments and confirmation pages can be designed and branded with images and cascading style sheets. All data is imported and exported using standard formats, making information-sharing easy. Exports and reports can be tailored toward your needs, and can be stored as presets for future usage. And because it’s made for the Web, new features are available all the time.


Contacts can be automatically or manually bundled into Contact Groups to quicken the invitation process from event to event. Duplicate contacts, locations/event venues and companies can be merged using smart algorithms to ensure accuracy. Events can be duplicated and edited season after season for ease-of use. Events can be toggled to accept assigned seating and allow for attendees to bring guests.


With the push of a button, all contacts in the system are emailed custom-designed invitations to seek confirmation of attendance. A comprehensive search engine allows for fast retrieval of contacts and information—including custom database fields. Seating assignments and follow-ups are created, stored, and emailed quickly and easily. Data may be archived and unarchived to remove clutter and optimize application response time. Creation of contacts, companies, locations and groups is virtually limitless.

Lyrek saves countless hours of organizing Rolodex information into an online database, sending out printed invitation and seating arrangement cards, and calling for confirmations. Though lists and labels can be printed, this eco-friendly system doesn’t use a sheet of paper or a single postage stamp. Subscribers pay a monthly subscription rate based on how much they intend to use Lyrek, so you only pay for what you need.

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