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Whether you wish to take your business’ facebook presence to the next level, or simply compliment your campaign with social power-features, ERA404 social media expertise can help accomplish your vision. You’ve already created a business page on facebook and want to take advantage of some of the robust interactivity built by the social giants, where do you start?


Having an account on facebook now gives users a lot more than just a profile to update. Keep your customers informed with business milestones, blog entries, announcements, events, and imagery, by plugging into the socialsphere in ways that were previously unimaginable. All of this living within the facebook canvas gives your audience one website for a full digest of their subscriptions and interests. Their network just a click away, you are opening your business’ message to a world of energized and exponential circulation.

Application Development

Ideas are the engine that make businesses excel and stand apart. Your creativity in application shouldn’t be restrained by technical savviness, and your emergence and championship over your market in social networks is now limited only by your creativity.

Partnering with ERA404 to be this conduit for your creativity has quantifiable results: new avenues of website traffic, nurturing the enthusiasm for your brand, and other rewards of seeing your message passed on (and on). Application development within social networking platforms keeps you at the forefront by harnessing the energy of the online communities embraced by so many.

Social Controls

Traditional websites are powerful and informative for promoting the solutions offered by your business, and gaining the awareness and retention of the online world. Strong content, however, is only as effective as its accessibility or reach. Building social controls into your websites, forums or blogs, gives your voice a virtual broadcast tower, extending traditional channels into what’s become a daily routine for many online users. Commenting tools, re-blogging & retweeting, +1/like-ing, and other social controls are only some of the many ways to extend your reach.

Application Administraton

It’s your show. What about ratings?

As a content producer, a little feedback can go a long way. Changes in these response factors such as demographic expansion, trends, seasons, etc. can help you continually and precisely focus your message toward the liveliness and participation of your business’ audience. Learning as much possible about these groups (or individuals) can benefit your business and ERA404 will show you how this information can be collected, organized, and translated into real-life objectives. Adminstration of your message is a great tool, compounded further, with the knowlege of how it’s received.

Sample Products

Pantone MoodsPantone Moods 
Since launching in Spring of 2009, Pantone Moods has accumulated over a 125,000 posts. There are currently 40,000 users worldwide that regularly post their moods and associate them with Pantone Color chips. The application has clocked over a half million ad impressions and is enjoyed in more than 25 countries.
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Hyperion SocialHyperion Books 
Disney’s imprint, Hyperion, hired ERA404 to develop their social presence on Facebook, called Hyperion Social. The application focuses on Featured books – beginning with Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy – and will extend to various books through the year.
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MyBrooklynWineMy Brooklyn Wine 
Red White and Bubbly hired ERA404 to re-brand their social media presence as My Brooklyn Wine. Since launching the Facebook app, users have taken advantage of daily wine tastings, classes and other social events that are fed to their calendar and easily shared using Facebook, Twitter, and other social controls.
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AdministrationApplication Administration 
Comprehensive metric analysis of Facebook and other social media users can be seen in each administration section, which logs views/impressions, clicks, actions and other user-controlled features. Analytics of social media participation logs growth and success through each application developed at ERA404.

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