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Vineyard Ranch Identity

Our clients asked us to conceptualize the new branding for their vineyard and ranch in Northern California. Starting from their name and original brand – which incorporated a mirrored double R – we modernized the typeface and replaced the squarish letters with curvilinear characters evocative of the vines and leaves of their trade.

The result is a unique, playful, and memorable signature that pays homage to their history.


By admin404

Identity Design

Herb Ritts Foundation
Lyrek Contact and Events Management System - Logo
Arthur Ashe Learning Center - Identity
HDTV Central - Identity
First Funds Identity - White
Fournier Consulting - Identity
The Electronic Theatre - Identity
MyBrooklynWine - Identity
Maize Farm-to-Table Eatery
I3 Advantage: Interventional Spine

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Fournier Consulting Identity

Founder of Fournier Consulting, Ron Fournier, hired ERA404 to design the logo and branding elements for his Jacksonville based refrigeration company. The design included branding, stationery and apparel design.

First Funds Identity

Elli Strauss of First Funds, LLC., hired ERA404 to design, develop and production manage the re-identification project for the NYC-based Business Cash Advance company. Upon selection of an identity system that matched the client’s mission and culture, we worked with Ms. Strauss to carry this concept through their new stationery and signage systems.

The Electronic Theatre Identity

ERA404 was commissioned to develop an updated identity for The Electronic Theatre. The new design would brand the client in a more metropolitan light, as they’d been expanding their target to larger cities.

Following completion of the identity, ERA404 created “The Electronic Theatre Presents” promotional open which was aired on various local television stations across the country.

Phoenix Identity System

Rand Burrus is known throughout NYC for his unique and creative vision in designing and producing events. So when he approached ERA404 about an identity for his new company, Phoenix Event Productions, we knew that this image needed to be as impactive as his work.

The final identity was derived from a gothic representation of a phoenix being reborn.

“I am always amazed at what ERA404 creates! The quality of work is excellent. The turnaround on each and every project was amazing.”

Rand Burrus, President
Phoenix Event Productions