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ERA404 loves work

Pantone Moods

ERA404 contacted Pantone about an idea to promote the new Pantone Goe System on Facebook. Within a month, over 1,000 Facebook users subscribed to “Pantone Moods,” and hundreds of thousands of status updates were published with Pantone color chips.

Vineyard Ranch Identity

Our clients asked us to conceptualize the new branding for their vineyard and ranch in Northern California. Starting from their name and original brand – which incorporated a mirrored double R – we modernized the typeface and replaced the squarish letters with curvilinear characters evocative of the vines and leaves of their trade.

The result is a unique, playful, and memorable signature that pays homage to their history.


Luke Simon hired ERA404 to design the logo for Maize, a Farm-to-Table Eatery based in Ida, Michigan. His concept was to create a brand evocative of the old-fashioned values of wholesome food from honest work and a labor of love.

The final design includes an intricate woodcut style design that will be etched into signage and painted on packaging to reinforce this feel.


Deb Deffaa of Trident Network hired ERA404 to create the strategy, design, encode, and development for their remote social network, Seamate. Seamate includes eight main sections, including: Social, Messages, Videos, Music, Pictures, Games, Cards and an online ecommerce system. ERA404’s strategy and design spanned all eight sections while the encode and development focused on Seamate Social.

Trident Network projects a worldwide product launch in late 2014.

U.S.S. Target – Holiday Pop-up Store

Rand Burrus, of RANDM, approached ERA404 in 2001 to design his vision for the Target Holiday Boat. ERA404 worked on all onsite design work for the USS Target and its adjoining three tents. The event included a display of 92 of the retailer’s hottest products for the holiday season, a redemption center, Internet ordering stations, gift-wrapping, refreshments, and Santa Claus himself, decked head to toe in a Target-dotted suit.

“It is a great benefit to be able to show a client exactly what you have in mind for a project. With my latest project, the comment I heard most often was…‘It looks exactly like the renderings. This is unbelievable!

Rand Burrus, President

Crypto Mining Software

Our client has been designing and building heat exchangers for over 60 years. This experience uniquely positioned them to provide a solution for the rest of the immersion systems industry, including the fabrication of temperature-controlled immersion tanks for cryptocurrency mining.

With the creation of these systems, they hired ERA404 to design and develop their immersion software, which monitors and reports diagnostics from the hardware that regulates the fluid temperature and the ASIC miners, themselves. Users can communicate directly with all levels of the mining systems to adjust hashrates, control power, and fine-tune operations from the entire site down to a single chip.

The software is built on VueJS and Bootstrap 5 with PHP and MySQL running under the hood.