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Digital Design & DevelopmentDigital Design & Development

Beth Temple

After three years, Beth Temple returned to ERA404 to revamp her consultancy site. Following the launch of in the Spring of 2012, user analytics guided the shift in strategy to the areas where her customers most responded: her publications.

With this understanding and the data to support it, ERA404 created a user experience to drive traffic to her posts on LinkedIn and her presentations on SlideShare. The fully responsive one-page site heavily promotes the split calls-to-action of directing users to follow her through social media, and contact her through multiple preferred methods.

“I am a 2x happy client. Great design, great tech. ’nuff said.”

Beth Temple

Sullivan + Partners

The design and development of a web site, while significant phases, are frequently a smaller part of the Creative Process than most people think. The production and strategy phases are really what shape the product to align to client expectations and goals.

Sullivan + Partners approached ERA404 to revamp their online presence, re-organize their content and simplify their messaging, engage their core clientele (authors, publishers, and consumer), and provoke their call to action (contact). And all of this needed to happen within a limited timeline and budget.Read More

Broadway Video

Creative Director, Katherine Burke, hired ERA404 to redevelop the corporate site for Broadway Video, the post production facility of Saturday Night Live creator, Lorne Michaels. The site features dozens of video, audio and photographic portfolio pieces in a fully responsive layout, designed for viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

This is the third site ERA404 has developed for Broadway Video.

Jacob’s Eye Patch

In our fourth project working with Pentagram, ERA404 brought to life the illustrations of Jules Feiffer for the new children’s book by our client, Beth Kobliner Shaw, and her son, Jacob.

The site features sprite-based animations, meticulously illustrated in Feiffer’s trademark style by Calabash Animation, interactive menus, galleries and a wealth of information about Jacob’s Eye Patch, published by Simon & Schuster. Order your copy, here.

“Working with ERA404 was a delight. The whole process was extremely smooth. They were very collaborative and had great instincts for how to bring our design to life.”

Emily Oberman


“ERA404 is a pleasure to work with! Always eager to find creative solutions, prompt with meeting deadlines, and up-to-date on the latest technology. ”

Marisa Bardach

The Beth Kobliner Company

Diss ‘n’ Gauges

Because sometimes the best response is an app!

Diss ‘n’ Gauges: Multi-Pack combines all our individual meters into one great application. Are you looking for best and funniest way to start or end (disengage from) a conversation?

The Multi-Pack includes:

  1. BS Detector: Is your friend talking out of their butt? Inform them (and the rest of your party) that you’re not buying it.
  2. Dial Down the B!tch: Is your friend acting nasty or spiteful and it’s exceeding your tolerance level? Inform them (and the rest of your party) that they need to dial it down a bit.
  3. Give-a-Crap Meter: Is your friend droning on and on about something that you couldn’t care less about (say, Crossfit, for instance)? Inform them (and the rest of your party) of your disinterest in a fun way.
  4. Hottie Finder: Looking for a great way to strike up a conversation with that beautiful girl or guy across the bar? Let our Hottie Finder act as a divining rod to direct you to them!
  5. Gaydar: Often find yourself in a dance club, at a karaoke hall, or on a cruise ship with no way to hone-in on the guys around you?
  6. Fuel Gauge: Need some help deciding if you need one more or had one too many? Here’s a quick, clever way to reply to friends when they ask if you’re ready for another round.

All meters react to tapping on the screen. Tap once to trigger, tap a second time to reset. Diss ‘n’ Gauges is now available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android phones and tablets.

Gurjot New York

Gurjot Sidhu hired ERA404 to design and develop the online storefront for her New York City boutique. The site features her entire line of ready-to-wear products, sortable by size, color family and collection and is built on the Shopify cart and inventory system. Users may browse through extensive product imagery, size charts and design notes, get recommendations on building ensembles, and “Shop the Look.”

“ERA404 totally understands that the ecommerce site has to represent and support our business needs—that we cannot just fit into a cookie-cutter package.  They really worked with us and were very flexible in adjusting to suit our needs.”

Gurjot Sidhu
Gurjot New York

“They did a fantastic job managing our expectations, which to me is a huge part of getting a project done successfully.  We couldn’t be happier with the end product. ”

Alex Laas
Gurjot New York