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Gregg Sullivan, Founder/CEO,
Sullivan + Partners

Sullivan + Partners

Services:     |   Client:  Gregg Sullivan, Founder/CEO,
Sullivan + Partners  |   Permalink

The design and development of a web site, while significant phases, are frequently a smaller part of the Creative Process than most people think. The production and strategy phases are really what shape the product to align to client expectations and goals.

Sullivan + Partners approached ERA404 to revamp their online presence, re-organize their content and simplify their messaging, engage their core clientele (authors, publishers, and consumer), and provoke their call to action (contact). And all of this needed to happen within a limited timeline and budget.

Strategists created Strategic UI/UX (image 2) of the site content, to ensure time and cost was factored into the results. Designers created the Creative UI/UX (image 1) from the client-approved wireframes. Developers worked from a pre-existing WordPress template (PixelEntity OneUp) based on the client-approved design to help launch on-time and within budget. The site was tested, the client was trained, and the project delivered—all within a few weeks time.

The synergy between ERA404 and Sullivan and Partners, together with a strong strategy and some creative, quick decision-making, not only made this project possible, but also beautiful and successful.

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