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Online Site and Application Cost Sheet

December 16, 2005 - Information Resources

Some of the other factors that influence Web pricing

Outside of Web design and development, there are many factors that could influence your overall pricing. Below is a list of some of these factors, broken down by site type. Please note that this is not a complete listing, nor should it be used as a cost estimate. This resource is provided to increase awareness only. For a more comprehensive estimate for Web site and application costs, please contact an ERA404 representative here.


Domain Name Registration

~$8 – $25/yr

If you’re interested in owning, you’ll need to lease that name from an online domain name registrar. This enables you to have control over that User Registry Listing (URL) or Domain Name.


DNS Hosting

~$25 – $100/yr

Each server has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address that identifies it from other servers. DNS Hosts provide access to databases which translate your URL ( to the server’s IP address ( This way, when a user types in your URL, they are connected to the correct server. If you consider the database to be a telephone book for the Internet, DNS hosts are the operators.


Web hosting

~$100 – $1200.00/yr

Web hosts provide storage space for you to house your Web site or application. Imagine that they are your virtual landlord. Pricing for Web hosts varies as much as pricing for apartment rentals.



Payment Gateways

~ $300/yr

Payment Gateways allow for credit card processsing to take place. Their services include verification of existing and operational accounts (with Credit Card Associations or Customer Issuing Banks), verification of funds, billing address & information, and transaction. Payment Gateways traditionally have an initial set-up fee ($150 – $300) and a limit to monthly transactions (500) which has occurance costs ($.10) for each transaction over the limit.

Examples: Verisign,,

Internet Merchant Accounts (Provided by Acquiring Banks)


Internet Merchant Accounts are the same as standard business merchant accounts and are provided by banking institutions. These accounts accept the transfers of funds from the Payment Gateway and ultimately receive the payment from online consumers.

Discount Rates, or percentages of each sale (2 – 5%), fees for manual transactions (rather than online purchases), etc.

Examples: Merchant E-Solutions, Wells fargo

Static IP


The difference between a static Internet Protocol (IP) and a dynamic IP is consistency. Every time a user is routed to your site, they’ll always be accessing the same IP. Dynamic IPs are assigned and reassigned regularly depending on the host. All ecommerce sites require static IPs, which cost approximately $15/month.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

~$50 – 350/yr

Secure Socket Layer Encryption is the industry standard for all ecommerce and ebanking sites. It’s packaged in with browsers to ensure that data being transmitted is readable to its intended recipient only.



For More Information

Contact ERA404 for more information on other costs that may be associated with ecommerce and non-ecommerce sites or design and development estimates by clicking here.

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