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Gary Keenan, Designer

Craig Lamson, VFX Artist

kmart / Nickelodeon

Services:    |   Client:  CreativeGroup.TV  ·  Gary Keenan, Designer  ·  Craig Lamson, VFX Artist  |   Permalink

CreativeGroup.TV designer /art director, Gary Keenan was offered the chance to create a cross-promotion package for K-Mart and Nickelodeon and immediately brought ERA404 aboard to assist with concepting and 3D graphics.

The spot, featured a stylized exterior of K-Mart’s unique architecture hanging signs and composited high-resolution stills of specialty items on display in the store’s interior.

The final spot was executed by CreativeGroup.TV resident 3D Artist, Jianchao Li and composited by VFX Artist Craig Lamson.

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