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Press Releases


By admin404

Viral Marketing Disguised As Irrelevant Content

September 6, 2005 - Press Releases

Communication Arts/Design Interact Insights Column. Interview of Don Citarella

Don Citarella, a graphic and Web designer at ERA404 Creative Group, Inc. is among a handful of people in this industry who entered the field determinedly. A passion for identity design and branding was nurtured in college, by a couple of professors from Herman Miller’s design team who never settled for “good enough.”Read More

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Press Releases


By admin404

Communication Arts / Design Interact Site of the Week: Heartbeat Software

April 4, 2005 - Press Releases

Week of April 4: HeartbeatSoftware

This division of HeartbeatDigital creates custom software solutions for clients in healthcare and financial services.

This site has a laid back presence and it’s also a classic example of simple, elegant design structure. It’s a standout example of a strong, well-defined, information-focused site; it’s also organized, informative and logical with a design that supports the goal of getting facts to the end-user.Read More

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