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By admin404

Embedded vs Hosted Images, with PHPMailer

March 25, 2022 - Information Resources

If you use PHPMailer in your applications to send HTML emails, you might have noticed that your hosted (or linked) images have become increasingly unreliable, especially with iOS 15 devices running the Mail App.

This article should help those who have encountered this issue by subtly changing the way they produce the HTML for their email messages and taking advantage of the powerful “msgHTML()” function built into the mailer library.Read More

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Information Resources


By admin404

Browser Extensions and PHP Session IDs

February 2, 2022 - Information Resources

The Issue

One way applications protect against abuse (such as replay attacks) is by assigning a nonce (number used once) to a client connection. This randomly generated number is made available to the client for as long as the connection remains active and is commonly stored server-side to the session, and identified by that connection’s PHPSESSID. This PHPSESSID is associated with the client in a cookie, and shared with each future connection.Read More

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Information Resources


By admin404

Twitter Cards and WordPress

May 19, 2015 - Information Resources

In our “Twitter CardsInformation Resource (February 2013), we shared with you a step-by-step guide for setting up your meta-tags, testing, and applying to Twitter to implement Twitter Cards into your WordPress site. Over the last two years, we’ve updated our process to best suit our clients who want to refine Twitter Card content for their WordPress sites, and overcome the limitations of sites with AJAX-loaded content, which was previously impossible with Twitter.

Read More

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