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Smartphone and wireless tablet programming enables companies to develop tools catered toward a moving population. Geosynchronous applications target customers within localizations to attract new and repeat business. And fusing social media “check-ins” to mobile users creates campaigns that draw the traffic of friends, fans and followers. ERA404’s Mobile Application Development helps you to connect with your on-the-go audience, no matter where they go.

Design and Development


Using the latest and most pervasive technologies helps our programmers to reach the broadest possible audience. With applications that degrade nicely to basic HTML and simple text for older devices, we allow for the interaction of a wide range of users. The ERA404 Development Network is fully versitile in AIR and Flex (for Android), Objective C (for iOS) Java (for BlackBerry) and HTML 5 for Windows Phone and other devices. In initial strategic conversations, our team will work on research and discovery to help discern which technology is best for you and your target demographic.


New stylesheet rules allow for transparent adaptation of presentation across several environments: desktop browser, tablet or pad device, mobile phone and even printer styles. Formerly one site would need to be built for each environment, but now the redundancies are minimized (if not completely removed) simply by letting the browser choose the stylesheet and presenting site content catered toward that enviroment. Fine-tuning can be done across all presentations, or to each individually, giving you greater control over your site, for however it’s being accessed.

More Than an Amenity

Without doubt, the internet is an extraordinary resource, but it doesn’t always wait until you’re at home on a desktop computer, to be needed. Mobile applications make the internet’s benefits portable, specialized and cut through the congestion giving you exactly what you need. Consider the apps you have on your mobile device, and how the purpose of each (buying a song, plotting a route, finding a restaurant, etc.) has made your life easier, and by extension, given your customers convenience and appreciation.

If your mobile site features a contact page, it could also feature a hotlink to initiate a call or order. If your products are available for review online, you could also extend the purchasing convenience by producing outlets sorted geographically where the product may be purchased. QR Codes, for example, are now found all over, and only expedite the ease of information gathering and decision-making. Workers who are in the field may call up specification by QR Code, exchange information with colleagues, and then log their labor all from a mobile device.

If the advantages of mobile apps have benefited your own day-to-day experience, imagine what you could do for your customers. And with ERA404, you’ve got your team ready to put these ideas in motion.


Sample Mobile Applications

Diss 'n' GaugesDiss ‘n’ Gauges: Multi-Pack
Diss ‘n’ Gauges: Multi-Pack combines all our individual meters into one great application. Are you looking for best and funniest way to start or end (disengage from) a conversation? The Multi-Pack includes: BS Detector, Dial-it-Down, Give-a-Crap Meter, Hottie Finder, Gaydar, and Fuel Gauge. All meters react to tapping on the screen. Tap once to trigger, tap a second time to reset.
Android | iPhone/iPad

Sketch Something DailySketch Something Daily

SketchSomething Daily is made for sketchers and artists seeking quick ideas on what to draw. Select from up to three drop downs (including: Animals, Careers, Celebrities, Countries, Foods, Holidays, and Objects) and click “Shuffle” and SketchSomething will bring back a suggested result. Once you’re finished, submit photos of your sketches to our online galleries and participate in daily contests.
Android | iPhone/iPad

Diss 'n' Gauges: Individual MetersDiss ‘n’ Gauges: Individual Meters

ERA404 offers all six (6) meters from the multi-pack as individual applications available for Android devices. These small, lightweight apps are great for users that want to quickly access the meter during conversations.
BS DetectorDial-it-DownGive-a-Crap MeterHottie FinderGaydar, and Fuel Gauge.


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