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Yahoo! Conceptual 3D

3D Artists worked with event designers at LDJ to build a conceptual animatic of how the Global Sales Convention, using the theme PLAY TO WIN. The concept involved a scale replica football stadium, complete with jumbotron for sales presentation materials, IMAG display of presenters, and logos projected onto fog curtains within the exhibition hall.

Major League Baseball

David Klinkowize, Senior Compositor at CreativeGroup.TV contacted ERA404 about collaborating on the concepting, design and execution of the Major League Baseball packaging for ESPN. The project consisted of heavily art-directed metropolitan imagery, rendered as high-resolution stills for animation and composite in Autodesk Smoke.

The campaign also featured a custom billboard element for projecting tune-in, sponsor logos, and team names. Imagery was also used in a 2-page full color spread in ESPN magazine, to announce the graphic campaign and baseball season.

Irwin Entertainment

ERA404 worked with Gary Keenan (of and John Irwin, President and CEO of Irwin Entertainment, to design and execute the NYC-based production company’s hero logo animation.

“Electronic Theatre Presents” Promotion

As “The Electronic Theatre Presents” began to emerge on television in major cities across the country, venues requested a 30s spot to promote the show and it’s time slot. The result was a visit to a surreal movie theatre on a gloomy night to watch highlights of ETP productions and work the Jujubes out of your teeth.

Camp Jeep

ERA404 3D Artists worked with Gary Keenan, designer/art director of CreativeGroup.TV, to animate a stylized rugged outdoors for Jeep’s CAMP JEEP campaign.

The ad featured a very cartoon-like environment contrasting treated footage of the famous off-road vehicles. The identity was composited in Autodesk Flame, by CreativeGroup.TV resident VFX Artist, Craig Lamson.

Wellspring Studio Logo Animation

ERA404 3D Artists worked closely with Broadway Video Senior VFX Artist, Claudia D’Enjoy to build the Studio logo animation for independent film studio, Wellspring.
A 3D model of a droplet frozen in time and silvery signature were provided for composite over a high resolution waterfall backdrop, and final elements were printed for film for use in all Wellspring film, video/dvd and television presentations.