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StaffList WordPress Plugin

July 23, 2013 - News Articles
StaffList WordPress Plugin

If you’re unfamiliar with WordPress, it’s a powerful, extensible blogging architecture that’s quickly spawned a massive contributor base for plugins. ERA404 developed ImageMeta, in 2012, a comprehensive tool for refining and grooming all linked and embedded imagery in your WordPress blog or website, for improved SEO and ultimately more precise/favored search engine ranking.

This summer, you can now download and install the new ERA404 WordPress plugin: StaffList, a super-simple, straight-forward company directory manager.


Features are:

  • Update five fields for each staff record (last name, first name, department, email, phone number)
  • Leave some fields blank for general department mailboxes or numbers
  • Updates are performed on-the-fly, so no delays from page-reloads
  • Presentation (front-end) styles are separated from core styles for ease of theming
  • No edit links or popups, just make your additions or changes in-line
  • Case-insensitive substring search, with highlighted matches on front-end presentation
  • Uses jQuery/AJAX for page handling, sorting & searching without page-load


Screenshots of the plugin:

StaffList - a WordPress Plugin by ERA404 (AJAX Inserts & Updates)

AJAX Inserts & Updates

StaffList - a WordPress Plugin by ERA404 (Dynamic Sort & Pagination)

Dynamic Sort & Pagination

StaffList - a WordPress Plugin by ERA404 (Real-time search)

Real-time search


StaffList WordPress Plugin

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