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ERA404 Credited in Signature Weddings, by Michelle Rago

January 8, 2007 - Press Releases

Creative Director, Don Citarella, receives credit in new book by client

NEW YORK — Michelle Rago, an event designer and the founder of Michelle Rago, Ltd., included a credit in her new book, Signature Weddings: Creating a Day Uniquely Your Own, to the book’s pitch designer and Creative Director of ERA404 Creative Group, Inc., Don Citarella.

“We’ve worked with Ms. Rago and her team for the last five years,” Don Citarella said. “So when she approached us about designing the pitch for a new book, we naturally felt honored.”

The book’s unique concept was an idea that the event designer came up with years ago. In her experience in working in the wedding and event design industry, she created an original process for stimulating creativity and designing one-of-a-kind events. The book focuses on this process and showcases examples of how brides-to-be can work with wedding designers/planners to create similar events. The original of this process changes the way designers/planners can look at designing weddings.

Signature Weddings is comprised of three main sections. The first section describes Ms. Rago’s collection of inspirational items (objects, colors, fabrics, floral elements, photos, etc.) or “ingredients” to form a creative library for the wedding. The second section talks about using these pieces as inspiration to carry a theme throughout every facet of the wedding. The bulk of the book showcases examples of how this process has been implemented in creating New York and destination weddings.

The credit to ERA404 states: Don Citarella – Thanks for being my partner in the original pitch! Didn’t change much, did it?

The Creative Director mentions the credit in his blog, saying “Michelle’s sincerity in the quote and care for the credit are both overwhelming.”

“As a side-note, the book is beautiful,” says Citarella. “She has compiled an amazing resource for brides-to-be, filled with experiences, examples and notes on the process she has created to design and produce some of the most memorable weddings ever. I’m honored to have been a part of it.”

Ms. Rago, who’s work has been featured in Modern Bride, Martha Stewart, New York Weddings, In Style, Quest, and a host of other industry periodicals, was named one of theTop 25 Trendsetters of the Year by Modern Bride. Her web site, designed and developed by ERA404 Creative Group, features six wedding stories (three New York, three destination), press, details, media and information about her company, Michelle Rago, Ltd.

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