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By admin404

Scoping a Project

February 12, 2013 - Information Resources

Every year, long before the ice thaws and the ground softens, my father takes a cup of coffee out to the farthest corner of the yard and studies a medium-sized rectangle of roped off terrain that will become his garden. The footage is limited, living in a modest suburb in Michigan, but in his mind, the objectives are organized into columns and rows.

  • Anxiety: What environmental factors should be concern me?
  • Trust: Will I get out what I put in?
  • Expectations: What level of commitment should I prepare for, in terms of budget? Labor? Upkeep?
  • Comfort: What is a realistic yield for an endeavor of this size?

When breaking ground on any mission that will require his time, energy, and resources, my father knows that thorough, comprehensive planning, coupled with a solid foundation, will make all the difference in the success of his venture.Read More

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