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Press Releases


By admin404

The 8 Coolest Holiday Pop-Up Shops

December 15, 2010 - Press Releases

Target Holiday Boat (2002)

In possibly the most epic holiday pop-up shop ever, Target created a temporary holiday bazaar on a 220-foot barge in New York’s Hudson river. For two weeks, the ship featured 92 holiday products–a number chosen from the classic holiday lyric “for kids from 1 to 92.”

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Press Releases


By admin404

ERA404 is Right On Target

November 23, 2002 - Press Releases

Holiday Boat Producer Commends Design Work

NEW YORK CITY—Following the launch of the Target Corporation’s New York City holiday promotion, the USS Target, nothing but praises could be heard from the boat’s producer and event coordinator, Rand Burrus.

Mr. Burrus, of RANDM is no stranger to working with accounts the size of the USS Target. The list of businesses and people they’ve worked with is almost as impressive as the events they produce: Armani, BCBG, Disney, Gap, General Motors, Nautica, Ralph Lauren and Estee Lauder, just to name a few.Read More

Tags | Armani, BCBG, boat, Disney, Estee Lauder, Gap, General Motors, holiday, Nautica, pop-up store, Ralph Lauren, randm, target, uss target