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ERA404 loves work

Sesame Street Around the World

Producer Joe Pipher (JoLeeTV) and Designer/Art Director Gary Keenan (Broadway Video DesignLab) worked with ERA404 3D Artists to concept, build and render promo animations featuring the Sesame Street logos from around the world.
The campaign was designed by Keenan and assembled by Broadway Video senior compositor, Dale Boyce on Autodesk Smoke.

Physique Conceptual Canister Design

Working from artist’s renderings and flat art, provided by advertising agency, Badger Kry & Partners, ERA404 3D Artists modeled, textured and rendered refractive conceptual canisters for Physique’s new line of hair products. The models were rendered over live action time-lapse footage of a sunset by Broadway Video’s Senior Compositor, Dale Boyce. Gary Keenan art directed the project.

Outdoor Life Network – Survivor

ERA404 3D artists collaborated with Gary Keenan of to recreate the jungles of Survivor. A beat-up book explains the tips for surviving while a torch burns brightly.

Old Navy Promotion

In a cross-promotion between Nickelodeon and Old Navy, child could submit patriotic T-Shirt designs to win prizes in a contest.
The event required a promotional campaign involving ERA404’s construction of a stylized 3D town square complete with billboard and Old Navy store. Mark Newman, a 3D artist for CreativeGroup.TV supplied dancing tee-shirts, featuring designs by John Pollak, composited into the 3D “world” on Autodesk Flame, by Miguel Oldenburg.

NBC’s 75th Anniversary

ERA404 3D Artists worked with VFX Artist Claudia D’Enjoy and Designer/Art Director Gary Keenan of Broadway Video’s design division DesignLab (now titled bCreative) to produce show packaging for NBC’s 75th Anniversary Special. The graphic concept featured feathers from NBC’s famous peacock logotype and a brand new logo to commemorate the historic event. The 3D was composited by D’Enjoy on Autodesk Inferno.

Nascar Outdoors

ERA404 3D Artists worked with Gary Keenan (Designer/Art Director) and Craig Lamson (senior VFX Artist) of CreativeGroup.TV to concept and design show packaging for Outdoor Life Network’s NASCAR Outdoors.
The show package featured a 3D Nascar rounding a turn and finding itself racing through the underbrush of the deep rainforest. Trees, cattails and other vegetation speed by as the 3D camera is carried backward up a cliff wall and into a clearing where the NASCAR Outdoor logo resolves. The logo was designed jointly by Gary Keenan and ERA404.
The elements were composited in Autodesk Flame with 3D geese and procedural sun rays.