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ERA404 loves work

SpongeBob DVD

3D animators and compositors worked with CreativeGroup.TV to concept and execute graphics for a Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants commercial announcing the Complete 3rd Season on DVD. The commercial features floating pineapple slices, the ocean floor and a nervous blue goldfish.

Sharon Haskell

ERA404 launched the portfolio site for NYC Broadcast Designer and Artist, Sharon Haskell. The site showcases Ms. Haskell’s unique work in motion graphics, pin-hole camera photography and mixed media pieces.

“…a friendly, creative and professional process… seamless!”

Sharon Haskell

Sesame Street Beginnings

ERA404 3D Artists worked with Senior Animator, Katherine Burke of Broadway Video’s design division DesignLab (now titled bCreative), to composite live-action footage of Sesame Street character “Elmo” into a virtual 3D environment.
The show open was composited in Adobe AfterEffects in both English and Spanish.

Sesame Street Around the World

Producer Joe Pipher (JoLeeTV) and Designer/Art Director Gary Keenan (Broadway Video DesignLab) worked with ERA404 3D Artists to concept, build and render promo animations featuring the Sesame Street logos from around the world.
The campaign was designed by Keenan and assembled by Broadway Video senior compositor, Dale Boyce on Autodesk Smoke.

Physique Conceptual Canister Design

Working from artist’s renderings and flat art, provided by advertising agency, Badger Kry & Partners, ERA404 3D Artists modeled, textured and rendered refractive conceptual canisters for Physique’s new line of hair products. The models were rendered over live action time-lapse footage of a sunset by Broadway Video’s Senior Compositor, Dale Boyce. Gary Keenan art directed the project.

Outdoor Life Network – Survivor

ERA404 3D artists collaborated with Gary Keenan of to recreate the jungles of Survivor. A beat-up book explains the tips for surviving while a torch burns brightly.