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ERA404 loves work

ERA404 had the honor of working with Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe to design and develop the official site for the late tennis legend, Arthur Ashe.

The site features information and videos on Mr. Ashe’s life, lessons and legacy, an introduction, and a fully-interactive guided site tour.

“Electronic Theatre Presents” Promotion

As “The Electronic Theatre Presents” began to emerge on television in major cities across the country, venues requested a 30s spot to promote the show and it’s time slot. The result was a visit to a surreal movie theatre on a gloomy night to watch highlights of ETP productions and work the Jujubes out of your teeth.

Irwin Entertainment Stationery System

Upon completion of Irwin Entertainment‘s Hero Logo Animation, ERA404 was asked to design/produce the NYC-based production company’s stationery system.

The design, which was featured in PrintCritic, pushes the envelope of their energetic, bold identity.

RANDM Press Day Invitation

Design for translucent card and envelope for RANDM Press Day 2003.

“I am always amazed at what ERA404 creates! The quality of work is excellent. The turnaround on each and every project was amazing.”

Rand Burrus, President

Camp Jeep

ERA404 3D Artists worked with Gary Keenan, designer/art director of CreativeGroup.TV, to animate a stylized rugged outdoors for Jeep’s CAMP JEEP campaign.

The ad featured a very cartoon-like environment contrasting treated footage of the famous off-road vehicles. The identity was composited in Autodesk Flame, by CreativeGroup.TV resident VFX Artist, Craig Lamson.

Who is Augustine?

ERA404’s most most visited work is the exploratory site for Jonathan Safran Foer’s first novel, Everything is Illuminated. Who is Augustine features an online community (Heritage Tourists), streaming video, secret clicks and passages from the novel itself.

The site, featuring music by Face and Head, is an homage to Hi-Rez‘s work for Donnie Darko.