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ERA404 loves work

“The English Mystery” Graphic Open

ERA404 was commissioned to create a graphic open for The Electronic Theatre‘s “An English Mystery.”

The finished piece was comprised of 5,000 images taken from 22 renderings, 3D motion, and original music by Craig Spoth of Asmodaen Productions.

The Electronic Theatre Identity

ERA404 was commissioned to develop an updated identity for The Electronic Theatre. The new design would brand the client in a more metropolitan light, as they’d been expanding their target to larger cities.

Following completion of the identity, ERA404 created “The Electronic Theatre Presents” promotional open which was aired on various local television stations across the country.

USA/The 4400 Show Packaging

3D type and logos were built for the show packaging for USA’s Original Series, The 4400. The campaign and logo was designed by designer / art director Gary Keenan and compositing and VFX were executed by Craig Lamson (both of CreativeGroup.TV) on Autodesk Smoke.

Target Benchmarks Central Park

Rand Burrus, of RANDM, approached ERA404 to design Target’s philanthropic event for the Central Park Conservancy, Target Benchmarks Central Park. ERA404 created twenty (20) 8′ x 8′ murals as backdrops for the benches, four (4) 5′ plexi-glass displays and all the event signage, including banners that hung on Central Park lightposts.

FOX Superbowl 39 Logo Animation

ERA404 3D Artists worked with CreativeGroup.TV designer/art director, Gary Keenan, to produce several test animations of the proposed Superbowl 39 logo for the Fox Network. One concept followed traffic along the Jacksonville bridge, through the wires of its rigging and out, where the bridge takes its position as the logo resolves. The second concept used the sharp slashes of the logo’s XXXIX characters as a transitional device out of the programming and into the logo. ERA404 was involved with concepting, 3D animation and execution. The logo was provided by Fox.


CreativeGroup.TV designer /art director, Gary Keenan approached ERA404 3D animators and compositors to build an animated Subaru logo complete with crystal and chrome stars to refract bold white type and client footage. The stars became transitional devices and most of the footage was shown either reflected on a facet of the stars or through the crystal itself. The final spot was composited by VFX Artist Craig Lamson.