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Press Releases


By admin404

ERA404 to Sunset PANTONE Moods

March 16, 2018 - Press Releases

In late 2008, ERA404 approached PANTONE about creating a Facebook application that allowed users to match color chips with their current mood. The application was launched the following March and featured prominently in HOW Design magazine and on More

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Press Releases


By admin404

How Bulc Club Works

August 8, 2017 - Press Releases

Join the world’s first FREE social network with the mission of ridding the world of spam.

Unlimited Forwarders: Bulc Club lets you to automatically create unlimited email addresses that forward mail to your real inbox, protecting it from the world. You can individually and instantly block these forwarders if any begin to receive spam.

Unlimited Filtering: Bulc Club gives you access to our worldwide network of members who mark email addresses and domains as spammers. If spam is received, we filter it out before we forward your mail.

Bulc Club is entirely free! Become a member and help us eliminate spam. Forever.
Join Bulc Club


Special thanks to:

Little City Books

Maroon Cafe

Jada Rabbit

Matthew L. Pickett

“Feeling Sunny” and “Uplifting” by Scott Holmes

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By admin404

Bulc Club Eliminates Spam with Social Networking

August 12, 2016 - Press Releases

Free New Service Crowdsources Ratings of Email Senders to Block Unwanted Mail

NEW YORK, Aug. 12 – Crowdsourcing and social networking are everywhere, nowadays. So why not use them to prevent spam?

That’s the exact mission of “Bulc Club” (, created by brothers Don and Mike Citarella of the NYC-based design studio, ERA404.

“We initially built Bulc Club for our friends and family,” said Don Citarella. “After a while, friends of friends started asking if they could have an account, too. We had no idea it would become this popular.”

Bulc Club Forwarders

How Bulc Club Works

According to its web site, Bulc Club relies on forwarders and mail filtering:


When people provide their email address to businesses and online services, it’s likely to be shared or sold to advertisers and third parties. Bulc Club gives its members an unlimited number of forwarders, or email addresses that only forward mail to members’ inboxes. If one of these forwarders receives spam, members can disable it individually and instantly. Their real email addresses are always safe.

Mail Filtering

Before any email is forwarded to member inboxes, it passes through a filter based on Bulc Club’s Member Rating. This rating is crowdsourced from Bulc Club’s social network. If more than half of the recipients tag the senders as spammers, Bulc Club holds the emails instead of forwarding them. Members may decide if they want the held emails to be delivered, otherwise they will automatically be deleted.

“We want our members to do as little work as possible,” Citarella said. “If spam slips through the filter and is forwarded to their inbox, they simply click a button at the top of the email and all future emails are blocked.”

Bulc Club Mail FilteringMore importantly, this increases the Member Rating, which helps block that sender’s emails from reaching every other member. “Social networking for spam prevention makes our data more accurate and more current. It prevents identity theft, computer virus transmission, and preserves member privacy and the security of their personal information. It’s a really cool idea.”

Member Privacy

“We get a lot of questions about the service, but the most common by far is about privacy,” said Mike Citarella. Unlike Gmail, Facebook, and other services, Bulc Club only analyzes email headers (the sender’s email address, originating domain, IP address, mail server location, etc.), and not the email itself.

While Google’s bots may read emails to tailor advertisements to its users, and Facebook has made a business out of selling personal data, Bulc Club has a strict policy against advertisements and privacy invasion. “We hate spam and our members are helping us to eradicate it,” Citarella said. “Their trust is our top priority.”

Is It Really Free?

Yes. Bulc Club is 100% free. “We built this for our friends and we know that the ratings we get from our members are what make it successful,” said Don Citarella. There are no hidden fees or in-app purchases. There are no ads or try-before-you-buy premium options. “We don’t make a cent on Bulc Club. If you like it, keep clicking those block buttons on spam emails and keep telling friends.”

Bulc Club’s web site ( hosts a number of other free features available to the public: search email addresses and domains to see their Member Ratings, create single-use, disposable email addresses (or BulcBurners), and learn tips to help reduce spam, spoofing, and phishing attempts.

To create a free Bulc Club account, visit:

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By admin404

The Herb Ritts Foundation Launches New Website

November 6, 2015 - Press Releases

Los Angeles— features the largest collection of the late photographer’s work online, while offering the opportunity to explore every aspect of his career.

Dozens of editorial examples, advertising tear sheets, book spreads, and museum installation photos mixed together demonstrate how Ritts’ work embedded itself into popular culture.

In addition to producing portraits and editorial fashion for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview and Rolling Stone, Ritts also created successful advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein, Chanel, Donna Karan, Gap, Gianfranco Ferré, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Levi’s, Pirelli, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Valentino among others.

The site features an interactive timeline of Herb Ritts’ life. For the first time, visitors are able to see examples of Ritts’ directing work including award-winning music videos and commercials. Further insight is offered into the Foundation’s history and mission: to advance the art of photography and support HIV/AIDS causes in a manner that reflects the spirit and values exemplified by Herb Ritts during his lifetime.

Designed and developed by ERA404 Creative Group, the site allows visitors to conduct advanced searches through Ritts’ vast archives and follow the Foundations social media presence.

Herb Ritts’ iconic images have been exhibited in museums worldwide, including hugely popular exhibitions at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.


Recommended Links

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By admin404

ERA404 Helps Vessel Crew Become a Little More Social

October 31, 2014 - Press Releases

NEW YORK—This summer, Deb Deffaa of Trident Networks contacted ERA404 with an idea to bring the world of social networking to the crew of seafaring vessels. And while the logistics seemed mind-boggling, the idea sounded more than intriguing.

In 2011, the 360 commercial ports of America, alone, took-in goods worth $1.73 trillion. There are more than 100,000 ships at sea, carrying between 12 and 110 crew members. Each laborer signs-on for contracts lasting 4-6 months. And while many of the sailors have families at home—be it Germany, Panama, The Philippines, or somewhere in between—they need to keep in touch with expensive satellite phone calls and with limited access to email. Shore-leave time dwindles at just a few hours, giving them little ability to even set foot in the countries where they deliver their precious cargo. And their view through a porthole window always replays the same footage of the middle of the ocean.Read More

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By admin404

Pantone Moods Widget on

June 9, 2012 - Press Releases

CARLSTADT, NJ — On Friday, June 8, Pantone launched a new version of their web site that features ERA404’s Pantone Moods widget in the footer of every page of the site. The widget’s “Realtime” tab shows a streaming feed of moods and color chips submitted by users through the Facebook application, Pantone Moods. Visitors may also see the previous day’s most submitted color chip, mood keyword and submission city by clicking on the “Most Popular” tab. The widget compliments the application’s trending and reporting tab which was designed and developed by ERA404 earlier in the year.

Visitors interested in seeing the widget in action can visit: To submit moods to the widget, log-in to Facebook and add the Pantone Moods application. For more comprehensive trends, including proximity, gender, location and time matches, current color and mood comparisons, and global mood trends, click the “Mood Trends” tab from within the Pantone Moods Facebook app.

Pantone Moods currently boasts a lifetime user base of  nearly 70,000 users and over a half million moods posted and has been featured in GDUSA, Communication Arts and other industry periodicals. The application was originally conceived and created by ERA404 in October 2008,  and was redesigned in August 2011 based on the unprecedented response from Pantone brand advocates and fans on Facebook. See this project in the ERA404 portfolio, here:


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